Whilst I’m the first to admit that site isn’t the most active site in the world, it does get traffic from time to time. This is especially the case after I have done a training session or a talk at a WordPress or InDesign event. Last year when I decided to move the Majestic Compilations site into WordPress I couldn’t find a theme that suited my needs so I taught myself how to use the Twitter Bootstrap framework by creating some plain HTML 5 / CSS 3 pages for this site. It was a little plain, but clean, fast, and functional.

Last week I attended Anthony Horton’s talk on Beaver Builder. I had been looking at page builders last year for Majestic Compilations, but still wasn’t convinced. Recent work with a client whose site was built with a site builder about 3 years ago has been a nightmare. I’d also looked at Elegant Themes Divi theme that had a good reputation for its built in page builder, yet, again I was convinced because it was built into the Divi theme.

The next following Anthony’s talk, I did a routine Updates check of the sites I run. Most are on a system that does auto-updates for me, but I keep a couple off that system to keep an eye on plug-ins that maybe troublesome. To my horror, this site had reverted to a state about 4 years ago, which would be fine except that much of the content was missing and there were some pretty dodgy looking fonts that I had experimented with. Rather than just restore the site which was essentially plain HTML 5 and and CSS 3, I decided another redesign was in order.

Welcome Divi Builder

Elegant Themes separated the builder from the theme last year, so when at the end ,of his talk Anthony got stuck into a couple of very annoying things about Beaver, and I discovered this site had reverted back to a version from about 4 years ago and was basically broken, the time had come to give Divi a go.

I bought and installed the plugin on a local-host (i.e. ran it on a laptop) and within about 3 hours had more than got the hang of the basics, and had a couple of more than decent pages.

Another redesign

Although I was happy with the fairly plain site that resulted from the HTML 5 and CSS 3 rebuild, I thought it was time for another redesign. Even after a few hours with Divi, the site does look more modern. Although I still need to get my head around a few design features and dive into the CSS.

What more can I say, it’s fun and quick. Quit flexible as well. However, the pages do look quite generic. So now I’m rolling it out here. I you have happened to have dropped by to read this you are looking at a work in progress. The home page is here.

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