A month with Divi

by | Jun 8, 2016 | Uncategorized |

It been an interesting month with Divi the site builder for Elegant Themes.

Not so long ago I was a bit skeptical of site builders. The generally left nightmare code and a couple of client sites I’ve taken over have been nightmares to fix.

Divi on the other hand has been a lot of fun. Whilst it still works on short-codes, you won’t loose content when you remove Divi in the future if you place content in the default WordPress editor. Of course the best thing to do is create your content in a text editor and save that in safe place, then copy and paste the plain text into WordPress.

So with this site and two client sites on the boil I can safely say I’m enjoying the experience. It’s not a direct WYSIWYG experience and you sill have to do quite a bit of saving and previewing to get things right. I’m still doing a bit of custom coding and line heights can be tricky to adjust.

Pages look a bit generic, but that seem to the cost of responsive design using set columns.

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