Web Site Design

Software Training

I offer onsite training in WordPress, Adobe InDesign, Video packages, and Microsoft Office at various levels from beginner to experienced users. I emphasize best practices regarding website security.

I am a trained UX/UI (User Experience – User Interface) practitioner.

I also offer training in other Adobe packages such as Photoshop, Lightroom, and Dreamweaver. If you need help in planning and setting up your site or a mutually agreed space such as a public library.

Training can be tailored from “one on one” coaching, conference presentations, live demonstrations, skill-shares, small workshops through to multi-day structured courses.

I am currently a trainer at CityDesk’s facility in Melbourne. I have taught information technology from Year 7 to large conferences. I understand the needs of people at different levels of development.

I’m based in Melbourne, and can travel anywhere across the state – subject to reasonable notice being given.

Prices start at just $450 for 1-2 people for a full day of training in the Melbourne metropolitan area.


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