Full Stack

I have experience in everything from professional Photography and Video production, to Print and Web production. That means that whilst I may not directly offer all of those services in house, I am able to work with you to find the best solutions. I have a range of professional contacts who offer specialist services.

Print – my first love

Although I love working with the Web and other electronic media, my passion is for traditional print.  I feel that there is just that bit more control of a printed page than a web a page.

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Custom WordPress sites

The Web and Internet have come a long way since I published my first Web site in 2004 and worked to create the first sites for Museum Victoria and the National Museum of Australia.

Along the way I’ve done post graduate studies in Web technologies at RMIT, built sites for opticians, clothing designers, artists, photographers, builders, and more.

Today my platform of choice is WordPress.

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Andrew was great to work with. He took the time to listen and take notes of the company needs. He spoke to our customers about their needs as well which open our eyes and has led to new ways of servicing them.


WordPress Customisation

Whether you need a simple one page site to something that runs e-commerce WordPress with over 40,000 plug-in and thousands of themes gives you huge levels of flexibility.

A WordPress theme gives your site its look and feel. If you’ve already purchased a WordPress theme, I can set it up and customise it for you.
If you already have a site that is already built with WordPress but needs a makeover, I can advise you on the best path to take. I will do almost anything from minor updates to major reworkings.

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Logos and other design elements

I don’t claim .to be an artist, cameras are my thing, However, I do have a strong eye for design. If you have the need for a great new logo I have a list of artists and designers who can produce a unique look for you. Some of them are my former students who have gone on to do great things.

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